5 CBS Sync Facts From The Latest Criminal Minds

"The Boys of Sudworth Place"

You may recognize a bunch of guest stars from Wednesday's episode, find out where you've seen them before.

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12 Moments From "The Boys of Sudworth Place"

Photo Gallery

When a prominent attorney goes missing in Boston, the BAU unearths secrets in his past which could point to the reasons for his disappearance.

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14 Reasons Why J.J. is the Greatest Woman on TV

Criminal Minds

As the longest running female member of the B.A.U., we’ve seen Jennifer Jareau grow as an agent, a mom, and, most importantly, a friend. These 14 reasons highlight just how incredible and invaluable JJ is.

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6 CBS Sync Facts From The Latest Criminal Minds

"Hashtag" S10 E7

Over one million selfies are taken each day.

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