Information on Tolerance

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 05:35am

In 2006, CBS Cares was proud to partner with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in producing the first ever public service messages on Tolerance in the U.S. featuring Nelson Mandela. The messages, which highlight the universal importance of tolerance and diversity, debuted during 60 Minutes on Sunday, April 30th and are running on the CBS Television Network and extensively in other media.

As our President and CEO, Leslie Moonves, said when the PSAs were launched: "Nelson Mandela is among the most admired and important figures of the Twentieth Century, and we are extremely honored to have him participating in this ca­mpaign. Throughout his life he has fought for justice and equality, and the sacrifices he made in pursuing those ideals helped unite the world, and helped end a brutal legacy of oppression. He is symbolic of the struggle against racism and bigotry, and his participation in these PSAs will have a powerful impact."

CBS Cares is very grateful to Mr. Mandela and the senior management of the Nelson Mandela Foundation for making these PSAs possible: this required an exception to the policy announced in June 2004 that Mr. Mandela was fully retired and would not be able to participate in new projects.

The timing of the PSAs' debut was significant in that it was the same week in April 1994 when the first democratic election was held in South Africa. April 27th is celebrated as "Freedom Day," because it was the first day that all adults, regardless of race, could vote.