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Mighty Mouse My Hero

Mighty Mouse flies into the 21st Century on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!


Play as Mighty Mouse, the beloved cartoon superstar of yesteryear, through four worlds of non-stop action, as he punches out a host of villains in an exciting fight to save Pearl Pureheart, his true love. Nothing makes a mouse happier than good cheese - collect it as rewards for accomplishments or purchase a wedge to gain power-ups and new costumes. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary, colorful cartoon world. With dynamic flight mechanics and a motley assortment of bad guys, you’ll be challenged and thrilled by MIGHTY MOUSE My Hero!

- FREE to play! - OVER 80 LEVELS in Adventure Mode!
- Endless Level Mode for ALL 4 Worlds!
- Earn cheese to get new costumes and incredible power-ups to help save the girl!
- Catch and defeat Mighty Mouse’s adversaries, including Oil Can Harry!


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Four exciting worlds to experience! View

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