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Q: Why am I hearing narration along with regular program audio on some CBS programs?

A: You are listening to video description on the SAP channel. This service is primarily intended for viewers who are blind or visually impaired. To return to regular program audio, turn off the SAP feature on your TV or VCR.

Q. How can I see the CBS primetime schedule on-line?

A. The CBS show schedule is located at:

Q. How can I tour CBS Studios?

A. Unfortunately, the CBS studios no longer give studio tours.

Q. How can I tour the Letterman studios?

A. Unfortunately, the Late Show with David Letterman does not give tours of the studio.

Q. What CBS shows are available with HDTV?

A. The CBS primetime schedule available in HDTV is located here:

Q. How can I find an old mini-series or special that was once broadcast on CBS?

A. Certain miniseries and specials are available in videotape form. Check for availability at your local video store. Or you can check availability at our CBS store: