15 Things We Learned From the Reckless Premiere Live Tweet: Reckless Roundup
Posted on Jul 1, 2014 12:10pm

Reckless premiered on CBS with a series of steamy and dramatic moments, and was accompanied by a vibrant live tweet with the stars of the show. Here are the 15 things we learned from the cast's behind-the-scenes take of the first episode:

1. Shawn gets serious about tweeting...

2. ...But the photo evidence proves that he and Kim are all smiles.

3. Adam Rodriguez looks cool when he wears sunglasses indoors.

4. Hitchcock was a show influence.

5. Cam is usually good at figuring out pen tricks.

6. Don't mess with Cam, he's local.

7. Big surprise - fans want more shirtless scenes with Roy Rayder.

8. The cast and crew are crafty.

9. Kim Wayans has the longest legs in showbiz.

10. Shawn is admiring at least one body in this episode... his own!

11. The Reckless fan base is strong!

12. Anna isn't afraid to lay it all out on Twitter.

13. Reckless writers love their job.

14. Adam loves handcuffs.

15. Cam and Shawn have a potential Twitter rivalry brewing.