14 Things We Learned From The Under The Dome Premiere Live Tweet: Trends, Friends and Jokes
Posted on Jul 1, 2014 09:05am

Under The Dome Season 2 kicked off with a shocking premiere and an extremely animated live tweet with the cast and crew. Get an insider take on all the events as they unfolded!

1. Stephen King couldn't wait for the premiere.

2. Rachelle Lefevre likes to tease fans.

3. Mackenzie Lintz and Grace Cox are besties.

4. Big Jim loves killing, but Dean Norris prefers pizza.

5. The cast LOVES live tweeting!

6. Dean Norris loves to crack jokes.

7. Colin Ford is a Twitter PR expert.

8. Under The Dome trends under two different hashtags -- because we have the best fans!

9. Alex Koch totally enjoys tweeting.

10. Some people think Big Jim is being a drama queen.

11. Melanie is terrifyingly creepy.

12. Stephen King makes a triumphant cameo.

13. Executive Producer Neal Baer makes an ominous tweet.

14. #Jarbie is now a thing.