12 Things We Learned From The Reckless Live Tweet: Parting Shots
Posted on Jul 7, 2014 01:50pm

Another Sunday night of getting Reckless! The cast and crew were back on Twitter sharing insider information as the episode aired. Here are the 12 things we learned from the casts and crews behind-the-scenes take! 1. That was the real Ravenel Bridge in the window.

2. The heat and humidity was no joke while filming. 3. Michael Landes was the first guest star to appear on the show! 4. Shawn Hatosy has got some jokes! 5. The apple scene was Shawn's idea and was also quite meticulous for him since he had to do the same bite marks every take. 6. Gregory Harrison and Adam Rodriguez only filmed one scene together...and there was no speaking involved. 7. Cam Gigandet took some of the South Carolina lingo home with him! 8. No surprise that the ladies line-up for a glimpse at Cam. 9. Dana Stevens favorite scene from the episode was Roy and Terry playing pool. 10. You over hear interesting facts while on location... 11. ad-libbing is always welcome on set! 12. The wheelchair tackle was done in one take!