2 Broke Girls
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Season 2: Episode 15 - And The Psychic Shakedown
Posted on Feb 5, 2013 12:00am

The girls attempt to secure a loan for the cupcake shop. The application requires a letter of recommendation from another small business owner, so Max and Caroline decide to ask Andy for help. They are shocked to learn that he has moved out and his storefront is vacant. While wondering if breaking up with Andy was the right thing to do, Caroline runs into a fortune teller and is told that her future will not contain a great love. With Caroline in tow, Max goes back to try and get a refund, but the fortune teller puts a curse on both of them. Ultimately, the girls reconcile with the fortune teller and get new readings: a vision of the future that might not be perfect, but one in which they can have it all if they continue to share life together.