2 Broke Girls
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Season 2: Episode 24 - And The Window Of Opportunity
Posted on May 13, 2013 11:50am

The girls hold a yard sale to raise money for a branding seminar. Caroline is shocked to find out her vintage couture is nearly worthless while Max’s collection of Happy Meal toys is valuable. Max doesn’t want to sell, though, and the girls instead try to raise the cash by cleaning out the back room of the diner. It hasn’t been used in years, and Han can’t get the diner an ‘A’ grade from the health inspector until it is spotless. In the process of cleaning, the girls discover that it has a window that opens up to the street â€" the perfect spot to re-launch the cupcake business. Meanwhile, Sophie gets cold feet about moving in with Oleg. He ends up cheating on her, ending their relationship.