2 Broke Girls
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Season 1: Episode 2 - And The Break-Up Scene
Posted on Sep 27, 2011 12:00am

­Now that Caroline and Max are both living and working together, the girls must figure out how to maintain proper boundaries. Max reluctantly allows Caroline to share her bed, but is very upset when Caroline finishes breaking up with Robbie for her, denying Max her long-awaited break-up scene. Their cupcake business also hits a snag when Max refuses to put her name “out there” as a way to promote sales. When Caroline accuses her of having a fear of success, the two girls temporarily part ways. Later that night, though, Caroline confesses to Max that the cupcake dream is all she has. Max agrees to give it another shot, and Caroline invites Robbie back the apartment so that Max can have her break-up scene after all.