Elimination Interview: Caitlin and Brittany
Posted on Oct 17, 2012 02:40pm

We asked Caitlin and Brittany questions that YOU (then fans!) sent in via social media! See what they had to say about their time on The Amazing Race!

Alexander E: Now that you have been eliminated... Who would you like to win?
Brittany: Right off the bat we had a great connection with the Chippendales. They were a team we connected with. We also had a connection with the twins. We liked them because they were an all-girl team as well and they are strong. The rockers all are smart and could be someone to watch out for.
Caitlin: I also think that Trey and Lexi could be a team to watch out for. It's still early so there are a lot of team still in it.

Ruth E: Why didn't you jump off the cart and run to the pit stop?
Caitlin: It crossed our minds for a second to jump of and run but we knew that we wouldn't beat the cart in a foot race.
Brittany: There was no way we could have out ran it.

Javier M: What was the most culturally-shocking moment you experienced in Indonesia?
Caitlin: Probably the whole whirlwind of the leg. Having to communicate with our drivers on that leg was the most shocking because we felt the most out of control of our situation, and that was hard to deal with at that time.

Curtis C: If you have the opportunity to return to the Amazing Race, will you take it?
Brittany: Of course. We felt like we were one of the strongest teams there especially for being an all-girls team. We would definitely do it again in a heartbeat. We want to be back. We are hungry to win.

Jennifer G: When you look back at the race is there anything you regret doing?
Brittany: In all the situations that we had control of, there is nothing we regret.

Audie G: If you were still in the race, what country would you have wanted to race to?
Caitlin: I was hoping we would get to go to Africa or Australia.
Brittany: I would say the same and Greece or Italy.