Elimination Interview: Idries and Jamil
Posted on Feb 25, 2013 03:30pm

Check out what Jamil and Idries had to say about their time on The Amazing Race! Find out what their favorite memory was and if they would change anything during their time on the Race!

Kayla K: What was your favorite adventure on the Amazing Race?
Jamil: It was definitely skydiving out of the helicopter. That was intense! Idries: For me my favorite part was actually "Pick a Pear." While it was hard and the open water lead to our demise we overcame our fear and it was beautiful.

Taylor P:If you could have gone anywhere in the world on the amazing race, where would you have gone?
Jamil: I would have gone to Door of No Return in Ghana. It is a port where slaves for the US left from.
Idries: Honestly, I would have gone to the Door of No Return as well or Kenya.

Cynthia P: Why did you not pick the Treasure Chest, already knowing about your swimming issues?
Jamil: In reading the clue it wasn't necessarily easier to tell which task would be easier to carry out with our lack of comfort in the water.

Kev W: What has the Race changed the perspective of your teammate?
Jamil: I don't know that the Race has changed how I perceive my brother at all. The one thing I will say is I now realize that he is a little braver than I thought he was.
Idries: I echo that. I don't think it has necessary changed how I feel about him, but it has shown me that we can do whatever we put our minds to.

Hari K: If you could have a second chance, what would you do differently?
Idries: I would probably do a little bit more water training, but aside from that not much. We each have our fears and we just have to face them. There's not much you can really do.
Jamil: I would have selected to do the chest over the pearl.

Rawn T: What's your favorite memory from the race?
Jamil: My favorite memory, as corny as it is going to sound, was running through the airports and having fans of the show give us advice.
Idries: My favorite memory was at the Griffith Observatory when Phil told us to "go" and we started racing!

Siranna A: Do you both plan on taking swim lessons?
Jamil: Actually I feel comfortable enough swimming, but I do want to have more open water exposure so I can feel more comfortable in the open water.
Idries: I can swim so I don't need swim lessons I just need to get more comfortable in the open water. Maybe I will go take a scuba vacation or something!