You Know You're A Bad Teacher When... The Checklist

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 02:10pm

Getting an A in teaching is no easy feat, but we've developed a checklist to help determine how far off the mark you might be.  So if you want to avoid the moniker of Bad Teacher, check out a day in the life of Meredith as a guide of what not to do!

You Know You're a Bad Teacher When...

1. You hit on your student's dad during Parent/Teacher conferences.

2. Your morning beverage is an Irish Coffee.

3. Your skirt is shorter than the students'.

4. Your commute to work is also a "walk of shame."

5. You have the students wash your car for extra credit.

6. Your Spanish lesson consists of a bottle of tequila and a guy named Javier.

7. Your yearbook photo is your latest mug shot.

8. You have your students balance your checkbook instead of taking a math test.

9. You conduct class outside so you can sunbathe.

10. You sneak treats out of lunchboxes when no one is looking.