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8 Tips To Survive Crazy Long Lines, According To The Big Bang Theory

Whether you're waiting in line for the Thanksgiving buffet or doorbusters at a flash sale, allow us to share some survival tips we've learned from The Big Bang Theory that will ensure you outwit and outlast your fellow holiday celebrators.

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Mayim Bialik's Food-Filled Instagram Is Making Us Hungry

Mayim's culinary skills are on full display as she shares some of her favorite dishes on Instagram. Warning: Pics might inspire nomz.

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15 Signature Sexy Poses From Johnny Galecki's Instagram

He may play a brainiac on TV, but Johnny Galecki's definitely got model good-looks IRL. Check out a selection of this leading man's best poses.

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10 Awesome Made-Up Games On The Big Bang Theory And How To (Sorta) Play Them

As Sheldon reveals a new game he made up on "The Platonic Permutation," we take a look at other fictional games introduced on the show.

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