First Look: Change Isn't Always Easy On The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon deals with Leonard wanting to move in with Penny in the only way he knows how—by traveling back in time. Sort of.

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Learn How To Plan A Big Bangin' Bachelor—Or Bachelorette—Party

Planning such illicit affairs usually involves booze, wild antics, and regrettable decisions. That said, allow us to offer some tips on how to throw a memorable stag and hen party, as inspired by The Big Bang Theory.

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14 Times TV Characters Showed No Fear

From fighting crime to standing up for what they believe in, these characters have shown tremendous courage.

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First Look: Marriage Celebrations Go Awry On The Big Bang Theory

Take a sneak peek at the next episode ("The Bachelor Party Corrosion") where the guys attempt to surprise Leonard with a bachelor party in Mexico.

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