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In Case You Missed Episode 17

Relive the top moments of Episode 17, where Austin's all smiles, Meg gets emotional, and the HGs are faced with their first endurance challenge.

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Twins Untwisted, Liz And Julia’s Best Swap Moments

Let’s celebrate this dynamic duo by revisiting some of their best swaps in the Diary Room.

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ICYMI Most Watercooler-Worthy Moments From Ep. 16

Relive the top moments of Episode 16, where things get nutty, two Houseguests lock lips, and a blindside shakes the house.

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Vanessa Captures Her Second Stint As Sole HoH

Follow Vanessa around the BB17 house as she snaps photos of the Houseguests having fun and laying low before the live eviction tonight at 9/8c.

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