Season 14: Episode 9 - Episode 9
Posted on Aug 2, 2012 09:50am

After nominating Ashley and Joe for eviction, Shane explains his strategy for nominating only Janelle’s players. Shane didn’t want to burn a bridge with Frank and Boogie. It also essentially guarantees that one of Janelle’s players will be going home. Joe is worried because he is on the block with Ashley, he believes he is now the biggest target in the house. Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie quietly celebrate, Boogie thought Frank was going to be nominated. Janelle goes to Britney and says that she is still willing to work with her, Britney can tell how good Janelle is at the game by how she remains calm. When Shane enters the room Britney tells him about the conversation she just had with Janelle and the possibility they discussed of backdooring Frank, she tells him they now have a lot of options. Downstairs Janelle is telling Joe, Wil and Ashley that they need to make amends with Shane, she sends Joe up to the HOH room to talk to him. Joe has a hard time sugar coating things in front of Shane and quickly tells him how bad he feels about being on the block. After the conversation Shane is not sure if Joe was trying to get on his good side or get sent home faster.

Shane enters the living room and tells the houseguests that it is time to pick the players for the veto competition. In addition to himself, Ashley and Joe, Danielle, Wil and Frank will be playing with Jenn hosting. The one player Joe didn’t want to play against was Frank. Janelle is optimistic because all of her players will be in the game increasing their chances of winning the veto. Later that day Jenn enters the room dressed as a circus ringmaster and invites everyone to the back yard. They must play a circus themed game where each player has to roll two different balls up two different ramps at the same time. Once a ball is dropped, that player is out and the last one standing is the winner. After a long battle, Shane is the veto winner. Janelle can see that everyone on her team is devastated with Shane winning but she isn’t worried, she just knows she has to go to work on behalf of her players.

Joe enters the have not room when Ian asks him if everything is ok, he says it is but he has to pack his bags. Ian tells him not to give up. Janelle comes up to the HOH room and tries to appeal to Shane by telling him that he needs to have an effective week as HOH and take out a strong player, not a weak one. Wil and Ashley join Janelle and Shane in the HOH room and talk about getting rid of other players in the game. In a big move to try and show how loyal she will be to Shane and Britney in an alliance, Janelle offers to let them keep her wedding ring and if she betrays them, they can keep the ring for themselves. While Shane and Britney don’t keep the ring, they feel that the fact she was willing to do that speaks volumes. Later that day, Joe asks for five minutes to talk to Shane, he agrees and the two head to the HOH room. Joe tries everything to get on Shane’s good side, finally stating that he would go against his coach and fellow players if it means he could stay. Shane tells Joe that he has not made up his mind yet and he will consider what he has said.

Dan enters the living room with a karate headband on and excitedly tells the other coaches, Danielle and Shane that the sushi party he won is about to begin. They head to the backyard and enjoy the sushi, edamame and desserts. They can all hear the party inside getting loud and decide to bring them all desserts, everyone in the house is celebrating Wil’s birthday. The group starts to play spin the bottle, Ian spins the bottle and Dan makes sure it lands on Ashley, the two share an awkward kiss. Shane’s spin lands on Danielle and the two share a quick kiss too. That night Britney and Ian are doing laundry out in the yard and she asks if he would ever put Shane up on the block. Ian can’t commit to saying that he won’t which worries Britney. She tells Shane which gets him thinking too. Later Shane is talking to Frank when Britney comes in to break it up. Frank defends Ian by saying that he is socially awkward and probably responded that way only because Boogie hadn’t told him what to do. He also says that they will have a talk with Ian to set things straight. After the conversation Frank is a little worried that Britney might be telling Shane to put him on the block at the veto ceremony. Shane invites everyone inside for the Veto meeting, he gives Ashley and Joe each a chance to plead their cases to stay. Shane then decides to use the power of veto on Ashley and nominate Frank in her place.

After the meeting is adjourned Shane said in his confessional that he decided to go big or go home. Tune in on Thursday at 9/8c for the next episode of BIG BROTHER and to see how America voted!