Season 16: Episode 11 - Episode 11
Season 16: Episode 11 - Episode 11
Posted on Jul 18, 2014 09:55am

The First Member of the Bomb Squad is evicted from the BIG BROTHER House

Jocasta sobs as Veto holder Donny hugs her. She is stunned that Donny would save her from the block, but Donny notes it’s a “no-brainer” to save his friend. Jocasta vows to return Donny’s favor, and hopes they will be together at the end. Nominee Caleb knows it’s risky to be on the block this week, while a downbeat Devin hopes he can find some way to avoid eviction.

Later that night in the Have Not bedroom, Amber sleeps as Caleb tenderly places his blankets on top of her. Hayden enters and observes Caleb’s behavior. “The things you do for people when you like them,” Caleb whispers before noting he has taken her off the block and given her his last two blankets. He asks Hayden what else he has to do to get a date! A stunned Hayden gives the camera a “What???” before turning in himself. The next morning Cody expresses his concerns about Caleb to Donny. Cody is glad to hear that Donny also thinks that Caleb is warping his game because of his interest in Amber. “His game so blurred by her, he can’t make proper decisions,” Cody says. Donny suggests it’s better to get rid of Caleb sooner rather than later. Later that night Cody and Amber chat in the front bedroom. Things get so friendly Cody starts rubbing Amber’s leg, a move that does not go unnoticed by a watchful Caleb! Out at the pool table a very irritated Cody grouses to Head of Household Derrick about how Caleb is “acting like a little bitch.” Zach joins them and notes this love triangle is not good for their games. Caleb thinks he has the Bomb Squad, but Cody notes he may have none of them.

Cody Makes a Move

Devin sees an opportunity to reach out to Cody, and engages in a heart-to-heart conversation at the pool table about sports, life, regrets and the future. Cody really likes Devin and feels bad Devin got lost in his game. Cody turns to Zach, and they discuss the possibility of flipping votes this week. Zach approaches Frankie, who brings up the idea of booting Caleb to Christine. In an HoH suite conversation, Frankie discusses the scenario with Derrick, who realizes keeping Devin in the house means a huge target will overshadow him when it comes time for future evictions.

BIG BROTHER legend Jeff Schroeder heads to North Carolina to visit Donny’s family. Donny’s parents note they don’t watch the slow because it comes on too late, while his dad admits he prefers “cowboy pictures.” His mother also disapproves of Donny wearing shorts on TV! His family thinks it’s funny the house thinks he may be ex-military or a professor, while they note Donny’s humor and one-liners come to him naturally. Donny’s brother, a physically challenged science teacher, admits that he has taken Donny for granted, but really appreciates all the things he does for him and his family. Donny’s girlfriend says Donny is likeable and good-hearted, but knows he will want to get back to his normal routine.

Spoiler Alert: Zach Hates Everyone

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Jocasta how she is feeling. Jocasta is happy to report “death is not knocking at my door any more.” Zach tells Julie he finds his fellow HouseGuests “extremely annoying,” while Hayden reveals he loves being a Have Not. The HouseGuests cheer when Julie tells them there will be no Have Not’s this week, but tells the studio audience the next group of Have Not’s will be chosen based on their activity levels over the course of next week.

By an 11-0 vote, Devin is evicted from the house. Outside he shows the tin foil heart Brittany gave him as a goodbye gift, and assures Julie he isn’t surprised at all it was a unanimous vote. Devin admits he got paranoid, and struggled playing the game with the integrity he wanted to. He is also shocked to find out Donny is just a groundskeeper!

Julie chimes into the back yard and announces the HouseGuests have been teamed up randomly to play in this week’s Head of Household competition, “Deviled Eggs.” Each team must work together to maneuver their eggs through a chicken wire course to slots on other side. The first team to get all 12 eggs safely into their respective slots will be the new Heads of Household. As the HouseGuests slowly move their eggs through the course, Julie reveals to the audience Team America has a new mission: get someone who they believe is a physical threat on the block this week! So who will be the new Heads of Household? And who will be the next quartet of nominees? And which pair of nominees will win the Battle of the Block? Find out Sunday, July 20 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!