Season 16: Episode 16 - Episode 16
Posted on Jul 31, 2014 10:00am

Caleb Unwittingly Plays into Zankie’s Plans

Remaining Head of Household Frankie and former HoH Zach hope they can get the Veto used this week to get Amber nominated. But how do they get Caleb on board? Down in the Have Not bedroom Christine and Nicole celebrate their win in the Battle of the Block competition. They are relieved Frankie is still HoH, and the most annoying person in the house, Zach, is no longer in a position of power. The two nominees, however, are unhappy and are blaming each other for their BoB loss. Jocasta encourages Victoria to be happy in the game.

In the HoH suite Zach jokes with Frankie and Cody when he decides to get into some mischief. He takes his HoH basket treats downstairs and eats them in front of Have Not’s Christine and Nicole. “This is what you get for being lazy,” Zach taunts. Christine wonders in Diary Room why she’s in an alliance with this guy. Upstairs Frankie and Cody fear if Zach is becoming another Devin, and worry that if Zach keeps up his antics, the house may insist Zach become the replacement nominee.

Frankie tells Zach to pull it back, which Zach agrees to. But Frankie also has to complete a Team America mission, which requires his secret alliance to get two HouseGuests to fight for at least 20 seconds during the Veto meeting. While Frankie wants Zach to calm down, he encourages him to attack Amber during the Veto meeting. Zach, who always likes to make a scene, is all for it. After Nicole does the an awkward striptease removing her Germitard, Hayden sidles up to Victoria, who he thinks is isolated in the game and could be helpful if he ever needs her. As Hayden hugs Victoria, he asks her to pick him if she gets the HouseGuest Request chip at the Picking Players ceremony. Nicole sees all the whispering, and wonders if they are kissing. “That was sketchy,” Nicole fumes, before cornering in Hayden in the kitchen. Hayden initially jokes about it, but assures Nicole no canoodling occurred.

More Unfortunate News From Home

Derrick exits the Diary Room with tears and a letter from home. He announces his grandfather passed away and needs a couple minutes by himself. As the news percolates through the house, Derrick notes “real life is happening outside” and that is a “sad realization.” Like Frankie, his family supports his continued participation in the game, and Derrick opts to stay.

When Amber gives Caleb the continued cold shoulder, the Beastmode Cowboy gets frustrated. What more can Caleb do for Amber? He saved her from the block AND ate a pickle! Caleb decides he’s no longer romantic cowboy. That night the bromance of the summer—Frankie and Zach—get even closer as the pair cuddle, pet and share affection. Zach swears he’s not gay but Frankie wants him to “make a move already!”

At the Picking Players ceremony, Donny and Christine are chosen to play, while Hayden is chosen as Victoria’s HouseGuest choice. Christine is excited because she wants to keep the nominations the same. The Detonators may want Amber out, but Christine thinks Amber could be good for her game. Amber talks to Frankie after the ceremony and notes the nominations should stay the same because she wouldn't want Donny to go up. Frankie laughs in Diary Room about how Amber doesn't know she’s the target!

Zach Schemes and Then Explodes, But Does Team America Benefit?

In the HoH Frankie and Jocasta tell a depressed Caleb that Amber is bad news for his game. When Caleb agrees, Frankie realize Caleb may be okay with the Amber back door this week! The HouseGuests go outside for the Western-themed Veto competition. The players must rock their hobby horse 60 times to get thirty seconds of time to balance dozens of gold bars on their horseshoe. But if they don’t get back to their horse in the 30 seconds, they begin the stacking process over again. The first player to stack their gold, get back to their horse and ring their buzzer wins the Veto. Everyone has trouble balancing their bars, but Christine and Hayden figure out good systems. It’s a neck-and-neck race when Christine jumps off the horse and rings in, but unbeknownst to her several gold bars are still on the ground! Hayden wins!

Post competition Hayden assures Frankie he’ll save Victoria, which means the HoH can put up Amber as the replacement. This still leaves Frankie the Caleb problem. However, Zach sees an opportunity when Amber complains about Caleb to a bunch of HouseGuests. Zach gets her talking about her Caleb frustrations, which Zach then dutifully repeats back to Caleb! Now a brokenhearted cowboy goes to Frankie and suggests Amber go on the block as a good scare. “I run the house,” he notes. Frankie can’t believe his luck, because now this big move will seem like Caleb’s idea.

Hayden saves Victoria from the block, and Frankie puts up Amber. “I think you guys already planned that,” she says. As the meeting ends, Zach tears into Amber for leading Caleb on all summer. When Zach asks for a response, Amber says nothing, deciding no reaction is the best way to deal with Zach. Unfortunately for Team America, they fail this week’s mission. Fellow nominee Jocasta thinks Zach’s outburst is good for her this week, because it’s clear Amber’s the target. So who’s the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the new Heads of Household? Find out live Thursday, July 31 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!