Season 16: Episode 17 - Episode 17
Season 16: Episode 17 - Episode 17
Posted on Aug 1, 2014 10:00am

Caleb Has Second Thoughts About Getting Amber on the Block

“You planned that,” replacement nominee Amber tells Head of Household Frankie right after the Veto meeting. Amber also notes she is “not going to cry over” Zach’s harsh words to her during the meeting. Fellow nominee Jocasta appreciates Victoria and Hayden telling her she is safe, but as a first-time nominee going into eviction, she’s still worried. Caleb, who helped orchestrate Amber’s nomination, doesn't want his house crush to go home, but feels this is the best way to teach her a lesson and appreciate him more in the game.

Outside Amber asks Frankie why she is up on the block instead of the obnoxious and dangerous Zach. Frankie is very skittish and keeps deflecting as he repeatedly encourages her to talk to Caleb. Amber leaves frustrated that this week’s HoH is giving her nothing. Amber finds Caleb in the Parlour room and corners him on why she’s on the block. Caleb admits he’s the reason she got nominated and tries to lecture her on trust. Amber shoots back at Caleb that she’s not aligned with anyone but Caleb and his supposed allies. “Thanks a lot, Caleb,” Amber says sarcastically as she storms out.

Caleb has second thoughts about his decision. He now feels he made a mistake, because the last thing he wants is seeing Amber leave this week. He pulls Amber aside and apologizes “100 percent.” Caleb reveals the whole Bomb Squad alliance knew she was going up. Amber feels betrayed everyone wanted her on the block. “I did everything wrong by helping others and not helping myself,” she sighs.

The Truth Is Always Hard to Bear

Caleb tells Frankie that he feels like a “sleaze ball” for getting Amber nominated. He gets emotional and Frankie comforts the now crying cowboy. “She doesn't deserve to be there,” Caleb sobs. “I haven’t seen a cowboy cry this much since Brokeback Mountain,” Frankie says, as he admits he is legitimately trying to comfort his friend and ally Caleb. “If they don't pull her off I’m not part of anybody,” Caleb warns. “I’ll just play by myself.”

Later Zach gets into it when he asks Amber if she likes Caleb. Amber breaks down and leaves in tears. Christine follows her down to the Parlour room, where Amber complains about Zach, but also Caleb. “He’s hurting my game,” Amber says of Caleb. Amber then drops a bomb—if she gets a chance she would nominate Caleb for eviction! This is music to Christine’s ears, because she wants Amber to stay, but didn’t know how to convince her Detonator alliance members. She now feels she can pitch Amber as a weapon that will get rid of Caleb for them.

Christine pitches this to Frankie and Derrick, but Frankie has other plans. In Diary Room he reveals he wants Caleb to work with him, and needs Amber to go for that to happen. He feels he can use this information to secure both wishes. Without telling Christine, Frankie meets with Caleb, Zach, Cody and Derrick. As Caleb argues for Amber to stay, Frankie reveals Amber has vowed to get Caleb out of the house! A stunned Caleb can’t believe the person he’s been fighting for thinks he’s ruining her game. Zach can’t contain his happiness as Caleb storms out. In the living room Caleb throws off Amber’s bunny slippers. Caleb feels Amber has stuck a knife in the back and a dagger in the heart. He realizes he has “been blinded since day one.”

Host Julie Chen chimes into the house and offers Derrick condolences for his grandfather before asking Zach why he enjoys erupting into outbursts. Zach says he can’t help it and reaffirms how much he hates everybody. Nicole was shocked Zach called her a “fruit loop dingus” but doesn't mind because dingus means “adorably quirky.” Caleb responds to a fan’s question about his wardrobe, which includes a hooded onesie, scarves and Amber’s bunny slippers! Caleb notes he’s proudly “metro” in his style but wonders if Frankie is rubbing off on him.

The Toughest Team America Mission Yet

Team America gets their next mission! Derrick finds out in Diary Room he, Frankie and Donny have to vote against the majority of the house during tonight’s eviction and then publicly accuse two other HouseGuests of the votes. Frankie thinks they could accuse Caleb and Zach, but Donny feels other players would know they were up to something shady. As they discuss their mission, Donny wants to decline it! Frankie thinks the house would buy their accusations but Donny argues he didn't come across the country to have “my game messed up.” “They are not making this easy,” Derrick says.

During the live eviction vote, Donny rejects the Team America mission, noting it’s “too risky.” By a 9-0 vote Amber is evicted. Outside with Julie, Amber says she’s not interested in Caleb and she’s “not going to pretend to like him for money.” Amber feels Caleb’s “One-sided romance” hurt her game, and reveals she wants her bunny slippers back! Julie explains earlier this week the HouseGuests were shown brief video loops of past competitions and other funny moments from the season. For this week’s HoH competition, “Getting loopy,” the players are asked true or false questions based on the videos. After a series of questions, there is a five-way tie! Which two HouseGuests will break the tie to become the new Heads of Household? And which HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 3 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!