Season 10: Episode 27 - We Have Our Final Two! The Renegades Now Face Each Other for the Half-Million Dollar Prize!
Season 10: Episode 27 - We Have Our Final Two! The Renegades Now Face Each Other for the Half-Million Dollar Prize!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Jerry, Memphis and Dan all hang on to their individual biplanes out in the back yard for the “A Wing and a Prayer” competition. All three of them are serious about the competition, but for different reasons. “The final HoH competition is for all the marbles,” Dan says. He wants to win the first part of the three-part Head of Household to assure he gets to compete for the final HoH with fellow Renegade, Memphis. “Our whole plan depends on it.” Jerry wants to win so he can prove to Memphis he made the right choice in keeping him and evicting Keesha.

Memphis’ plan is to fall after Jerry fails in the competition, but he notes it wasn’t easy standing up there as the biplanes moved up and down and tilted from side to side. Besides holding on, Dan plays up his “conflict” with Memphis. “I gotta give it to you, this was a good game move,” Dan snaps at Memphis over Keesha’s eviction. “I didn’t think you would do it.” Later, Memphis admits it was “kind of difficult” to evict Keesha. Memphis explains he and Dan felt they had a better chance beating a 75-year-old man in the final HoH.

Out on the biplanes, Dan keeps up the charade that he is angry at Memphis. When Memphis tries to make conversation about using a balancing device with his fraternity brothers, Dan shoots back, “Yeah, you stab them in the back, too?” Memphis says it is “pretty funny” how they staged animosity between them for Jerry’s benefit. He thinks this move will leave him standing on “cloud nine” going into the finals.

“The more they fight, the better it is for me,” Jerry says, still oblivious of the Renegade alliance. “I’m hoping they stay in that mode. I hope they take me to the final two.”

The rocking and rolling biplane takes its toll on Jerry, who slips and falls soon after the start of the competition. Memphis gets irritated when Dan starts laying on the angry shtick a little heavy. “I’ll be here all night,” Dan says defiantly. “You’re overplaying the card,” Memphis mutters in the privacy of the Diary Room. Memphis is supposed to fall so Dan can win, but he hangs on as Dan struggles. “This is not part of the plan,” Dan fumes in the Diary Room. Finally Memphis falls, leaving Dan the winner. “I was definitely hanging in there to give the illusion of not throwing the competition,” Memphis says later.

When Jerry sees Memphis fall, he has no idea he’s just been played. Dan hopes if they keep up the charade, Jerry could even throw the second part of the HoH competition right to Memphis! After Memphis and Jerry go inside, Dan walks around outside in triumph. “One more to go,” the chronic self-talker says. “Not bad for a school teacher.”
 A Softer Side of Memphis? Inside, Jerry thanks Memphis for today and tells him he feels bad about falling off. Memphis tells Jerry not to worry to cheer him up. Jerry thinks he is seeing a new facet of Memphis’ personality he has not seen before. “There is a nice side to him I didn’t get to enjoy,” Jerry says.

Memphis reveals his true feelings to Dan when the pair shares their Renegade alliance handshake and congratulates themselves. “One step closer man, can you taste it?” Memphis asks Dan. “I’ll be flipping out if I go against him in heat three,” Dan says of Jerry. They may be cocky, but the Renegades know they haven’t sewn it up yet. “Memphis has got to win heat two,” Dan says, “or all my hard work is going right down the toilet.”
 Delivering the Knockout Punch Dan walks out of the Diary Room with a pair of boxing gloves and announces the start of the second part of the HoH competition. Jerry is worried he may have to box Memphis, which for him would mean the end of the game (and maybe his life!). Memphis goes outside first and finds the backyard transformed into a boxing arena with cut outs of all the HouseGuests. Memphis announces he and Jerry are playing BIG BROTHER Knockout. They have to complete ten rounds of “boxing” where they have to identify the ten HoH’s in order along with their final nominees for eviction.

While Memphis rushes around during his play, Jerry is much more slow and methodical. Jerry admits he is more confused in round three when he forgets Angie was an eviction nominee. Memphis is having his own issues, admitting he is a little disappointed in himself since he should have known some of the nominees off the bat. “I was concerned,” Memphis says later. “I was concerned I could blow this.”
 And the Prizefight Goes to… Dan comes outside to announce Memphis’ and Jerry’s final times for the competition to reveal who is going to face off against him in part three of the final HoH competition. Dan reveals Memphis’ time is just over eight and a half minutes. Memphis is concerned until Dan reveals Jerry’s time: 51 minutes and 22 seconds!

Once inside, the Renegades give each other their secret handshake as Jerry changes out of his pants and mutters to himself, “Embarrassing!” In the kitchen, Memphis tells Dan, “We just won fifty grand! How do you like them apples, baby?”
 Chatting with Julie Host Julie Chen asks Jerry why it took him 51 minutes to complete the second round of the HoH competition. Jerry jokingly chalks it up to his fall in the pool. Julie asks Memphis if it was hard to choose between Keesha and Jerry in last week’s eviction vote. Memphis says he stands by his feeling that this is business and Keesha was not a part of his plan. Dan says the mood has changed in the house since they can smell the half-million dollars in the air.
 You Mean I’m Still Living with you Yahoos? Remember the five former HouseGuests who so far make up the BIG BROTHER Jury? Well they are all still living in a beautiful mansion! Renny, Michelle and Libra seem to be enjoying a friendly game of cards, but once she’s alone, Renny reveals her true feelings. “Being in the jury house sucks!” she says. During the card game, Michelle tells Renny and Libra she is going to tell the sixth juror, no matter who it is, about her trip to the private island with Dan. She thinks the person will find this information to be very interesting.

Everyone assembles in the kitchen to make lunch. April says she does not want to see Jerry, but thinks they will see Keesha. Michelle agrees. “It’s karma,” April says, admitting later she didn’t like Keesha’s game and is glad she’s out of the competition for the half-million dollars.

April gets her wish when Keesha walks through the door. Renny runs up to greet her as Michelle and April watch, nearly emotionless. Keesha explains she got double-crossed by Memphis, and that Memphis wouldn’t even tell her why. Michelle chimes in to break the news of her trip, but Keesha cuts Michelle off at the pass and reveals Dan spilled the secret to her on the way out the door. Michelle is impressed. “Dan knows what he is doing,” she says. “He’s a great competitor.”
 The Final HOH is Crowned! Julie announces Dan and Memphis are the only two to compete in the third part of the final HoH competition. She explains they will be asked to complete statements made by each of the first six jury members. The player who correctly completes the most statements is the final Head of Household. Julie wants to know if Libra said, “If I could go back in time in the game I would change A) my alliance, or B) my behavior.” Libra says she would change her alliance. Dan gets the first point. April is the next HouseGuest. “The HouseGuest I think coasted was A) Jerry, or B) Memphis.” April says the correct answer is Memphis. Memphis gets a point. Both of them get a point for guessing Michelle said the best strategic move in the game was backdooring her. Neither of them score off Ollie’s statement, “The fatal error I made in the game was letting my heart get into the game.” Dan takes the lead when he correctly guesses Renny was most irritated when Jerry washed his dentures in the sink. The sixth and final statement is from Keesha. “The most uncomfortable moment in the house was A) my 30th birthday, or B) the night before my eviction. The correct answer is B. Dan guesses it correctly! He is the final HoH!
 And the Last Juror is… Dan has little time to savor his victory, since he has to vote out the last HouseGuest. Jerry is up first. He congratulates Dan and tells him he played as hard as anybody before stating he never broke his word to anyone but Brian “because that was a forced issue.” Memphis says it was a “wild ride” for them, and reminds Dan he put him on the block twice. Memphis says this decision will tell him if Dan is a “true renegade or not.”

Dan gets up and tells the both of them they have all come so far together, but then says, “I just hope when I’m 75 years old I’ll be half the competitor you are.” Jerry is the last evicted HouseGuest! After Jerry leaves, Memphis and Dan celebrate by brandishing their red Renegade bandanas. Memphis can’t believe they pulled it off. Dan makes it simple: “It’s over,” he says.

Outside with Julie, Jerry says there could have been a plan between Memphis and Dan to boot him out of the house. Julie asks him why. “Because I’m here,” he says. Jerry thinks Dan made a big mistake since he will be the deciding vote. So what will he decide? Jerry says it’s hard to say since both of them played so well against him. “It’s a tough thing,” he says. Julie wants to know if this is Jerry’s last hurrah. An emotional Jerry says he’s proud of his family and will remember this for the rest of his life. “I think I did myself proud,” he says.

Once Jerry is gone, Julie asks Dan and Memphis how they are dealing with the fact they are the final two. Dan hopes their moms and girlfriends are happy, while Memphis says he can’t believe a deal they worked out in week four took them all the way to the end.

Who will be the winner of BIG BROTHER 10? Tune in for a special recap episode featuring never-before-seen hilarious moments from the entire summer on Sunday at 8pm et/pt, and then tune in Tuesday at 9pm et/pt for the live finale!