Season 11: Episode 22 - Another House Guest is Evicted, but Not Before a Series of Angry Confrontations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

“Let the weirdness begin,” Jeff says, after using the Veto to take Kevin off of the block and putting Russell up as the replacement nominee. “This is perfect,” Kevin says, after being saved by Jeff. Kevin and his ally, Natalie, were able to make a deal with Jeff that ensured their safety for the week in return for keeping Jeff off of the block next week. Russell is pissed, and thinks that this move proves that no one can trust Jeff. “They picked the wrong guy,” Russell says. In the recycle room, Kevin thanks Jordan for her role in saving him. Jordan says that she is worried that Russell is going to work him and Natalie all week. But Jordan should be worried about something else—Natalie and Kevin have no intention of keeping their word! “Jordan doesn’t know were planning on coming after Jeff next week if we win,” Natalie says in the diary room. Kevin and Natalie keep their cool in front of the other house guests but, when they steal away to the storage room, they break out into a happy dance over their good fortune. In the next HoH Competition, Jeff sits out while it becomes two against two—Kevin and Natalie versus Michele and Jordan. The playing field is even.

In the splish splash room, Michele cries as Russell hugs her and tells her that he hopes she wins the game. “Seriously I hope you win it,” he says. Michele admits that she doesn’t like Russell 100 percent, but they have bonded a bit. Russell’s nomination has left her feeling “helpless and vulnerable.” Russell reveals that seeing Michele cry really got to him. “I felt like I let her down,” he says, explaining that he is furious at Jeff. “I think he’s an idiot,” he spits.
 Let the Fireworks Commence! Later, Russell broods outside on the patio. Eventually, Jeff makes his way out there and asks Russell if he wants to talk about it. Jeff informs Russell that this was a smart move, which Russell quietly acknowledges. Jeff understands that Russell is upset right now, but Russell starts to ratchet things up when he says that Jeff broke their final four deal. Jeff said that the deal was null and void when Russell made a final two deal with Michele. This gets them both going, with each of them making threats. After they argue back and forth, Jeff tells Russell that he is not scared of him. Meanwhile, the House busybody, Natalie, runs and gets Jordan so that she can see the fight. Jordan bursts into the yard and tells Russell that Russell is just pissed because he knows he’s gone from the game and that this was a good move for Jeff to make. “She’s got to fight your battles?” Russell asks Jeff. “Does she wear the pants too?” After another round of yelling, Jeff points out that Russell’s explosion doesn’t surprise him and that this has exposed Russell’s true colors.

After things have calmed down, Russell and Kevin play pool. Russell knows that there are three votes to be had, and he probably has Michele’s. If he gets Kevin’s vote, he could stay in the House. Russell is amazed that the guy he thought was useless holds the key to him staying in the game. Russell makes a convincing pitch, telling Kevin that he is strong enough to fight Jeff but is so hated that he would allow Kevin to win the jury’s vote if they both made it to the final two. In the diary room, Kevin admits that he can’t stand the guy, but keeping Russell may be some strong game play. “If you never take a chance, you’ll never win.” Russell tells him. So what will Kevin do?
 Not Scared of Russell The next day, Russell works out alone in the yard. He decides to make a last stand to show the other house guests how badly they need Russell to stay in the House. Russell starts in on Jeff, but Jeff doesn’t take the bait. Jordan, however, does. “You hate that you’re going to the jury house,” she yells, before running over to Russell and getting in his face. “I’m not scared of you,” she screams, as she chest bumps him. Jordan walks away as Jeff urges her to calm down but Russell shouts after her that Jordan is a lap dog and a is fat! Jeff refuses to let Russell get the best of him and his allies, so he taunts Russell by telling him to take five minutes and, when he comes up with a good insult, he can fire it back to see if anyone laughs. Jeff finally gets irritated and decides to head inside before the temptation to bust Russell in the mouth becomes too much for him, which Russell uses as an opportunity. “You are all a bunch of sheep too scared to say something,” Russell yells at the other house guests. “Why don’t you speak up?”
 Bitter, Party of Two Remember Jessie? He’s been chilling for a week in the jury house, where his main activities have been tanning, working out, and admiring himself. Since his exit from the game was so abrupt, he watches his goodbye messages from the other house guests on DVD. Jeff apologizes for using the Coup d’etat, while Natalie calls him a friend. Lydia comes on screen and tells Jessie that she and Natalie have been talking, and she is now very mad at him. “We are going to have lots to talk about, she warns. “Nice unitard,” Jessie smirks. Jessie is puzzled by one thing; what about Chima’s goodbye?

Jessie knows that another house guest is on their way, and hopes it is Jeff. When Lydia walks through the door, she hugs him immediately before calling him a “jerk-a-pottamus” and throwing playful punches. Jessie groans that this is going to be a long week as Lydia reveals that she wanted to punch and hug Jessie in equal amounts. Lydia then pops in a DVD to update Jessie on what’s been going on in the week since his eviction. Jessie is shocked to learn that Chima was booted from the BIG BROTHER game and enjoys watching the golf-themed HoH competition in which Lydia “won” her Captain Unitard costume. “I’m happy I get a week with you,” Lydia says in her baby talk voice. “I’d be happy too if I was you,” the always modest Jessie says.
 Checking in with the House Host Julie Chen touches base with the house guests in the living room. Julie wants to know if Russell thinks it’s been a weird week. He says that it was entertaining and fun, and that any weirdness is part of the game. Jordan says that it’s been a stressful week and that she’s been especially mad at Russell. Julie wants to know if she’s ever been that mad before, and Jordan says that BIG BROTHER brings it out in her. “Once a guy calls you fat, that’s it,” she says.

After a few more questions, Julie interviews Jeff one-on-one with Jeff in the HoH Suite. Jeff admits that Russell avoided eviction last week but, this week, he had to be dealt with. He also claims that it was an advantage to his own game to get Russell out, but he knows that there’s a bigger target on him now. Julie asks him how confident he is that Natalie and Kevin will keep their word. Jeff says that he has to rely on them now, but points out that he still controls his own game because he can compete for the week’s upcoming Veto. Julie then brings up the issue of his bickering with Jordan. “I want to get her focused for the final push,” he says. “Sometimes I get frustrated when she’s not paying attention. I know I need to work on that.”
 The Next Jury Member In their final pleas before the vote, Natalie thanks everyone for the experience, while Russell explains that personal attacks are part of the game. With a unanimous vote, Russell is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. A smiling Russell hugs or shakes hands with everyone, choosing to go out on a subdued note. Outside, Julie notes that he kept it classy. Russell admits that he wanted to play the game with a strategy that was reminiscent of past house guests Mike Boogie, Evel Dick and Dan. Julie asks if he is really like the Russell he’s been in the game, and Russell replies that it was “A little bit of me, but a lot of flair.” When Russell says that he thinks he’s out because Michele was doing some influencing, Julie wonders if he’s mad at her. “Not at all,” he says. “It’s all part of the game.” Russell says that he would have been loyal to his final four partners, and says that Michele would have been his final two choice because she’s a smarter competitor. And was it smart of Jeff to get rid of him? “Absolutely,” Russell says. In his goodbye video, Jeff tells Russell that it’s unlcassy the way he talks to women while Kevin appreciates the fact that he never threw punches his way. Natalie thinks that Russell was a man of his word, while Jordan says that she has never been so disrespected before and wonders what Russell would think if someone called his sisters fat. “I strongly dislike you with a passion,” she says.
 The S’more, the Merrier In the back yard, the remaining house guests assemble for the HoH competition. Julie explains that this competition is called “The S’more, the Merrier.” Jeff sits out as outgoing HoH. In the competition, Michele, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie must use an eight-ounce cup to fill up a 16-gallon vat with “hot chocolate.” They must run back and forth across a slippery walkway, putting enough hot chocolate into their vat so that a “marshmallow” floats to the top of the vat. The first player to get their marshmallow out wins HoH for the week. Who will become the next Head of Household? And how will the house guests react to an unexpected twist that is right behind a door in the HoH Suite? Find out Sunday, August 30 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!