Season 13: Episode 29 - And the winner is...
Posted on Sep 15, 2011 11:05am

­The final three HouseGuests—Adam, Rachel and Porsche—spin around on the giant mixer blades for the first part of the three-part Head of Household competition. After getting splattered with colorful goo, Adam jokes, “So glad I wore a nice shirt.” As he fidgets on his blade, Adam notes every moment is important to his game. “I have a good shot at winning it all,” Adam says. Porsche knows she has a final two deal with Rachel, but wants to win this competition for herself. Rachel doesn’t know if she can trust Porsche to honor their deal, so she feels she has no choice but to “take power in my own hands” because otherwise she may be “kissing $500,000 goodbye.” Adam’s arms start bothering him, and despite stretching, his legs begin to buckle as well. Rachel doesn’t get it—Adam says he is a super fan, and he is so close to the end, yet he will let a little pain get in the way of getting the job done. “Hey if you want to give up now,” Rachel says, “please go ahead.” In less than 30 minutes, Adam falls, and tells himself he is going to save his strength for part two of the HoH competition. Rachel senses that Porsche is not doing well, and soon after, the Miami VIP cocktail waitress falls from her blade. Rachel wins part one of the HoH! “This is ca-razy,” Rachel screams later in the Diary Room. “Cinderella story right here.”

While Rachel gets to sit back and relax, Porsche and Adam must now compete in part two of the HoH competition. The next day Porsche comes outside to find what looks like a huge dunk tank, but actually contains an underwater Plexiglas maze. At the bottom are the faces of all the HouseGuests who have been HoH over the season. The task is to move the faces through the maze and place them in the order they were HoH over the course of the season. Whoever completes the maze in he fastest time wins the second part of the HoH, and advances to part three where the winner competes against Rachel.

Porsche likes to swim, but notes doing any task underwater is difficult. “It’s hard to concentrate holding your breath,” she explains after finishing. Adam comes out for his turn. “Let’s bring it,” he says, as he gets ready for the go signal. Adam makes a strategic blunder when he throws off his leaky goggles, but he soon realizes this is “not a good move,” and jumps out of the tank to find the goggles he threw across the yard.

Rachel comes out with Porsche to announce the results. Adam racks up a time of six and a half minutes, but Porsche prevails when Rachel announces Porsche finished the competition in less than four minutes. Rachel and Porsche are set to face each other for the third part of the final HoH of the season.

Jury Roundtable

Shelly, Daniele, Brendon and Jeff assemble for the evening jury roundtable, and discuss who they think will be the next to join them. Daniele and Shelly would like to see Rachel, but when Kalia emerges, Daniele is sad and tells her friend and ally she is sorry. As Kalia explains Rachel won the HoH that ultimately sent her out the door, Jordan announces herself. Brendon is so excited his fiancé is still in the mix that he has to apologize to Jordan for being so happy. Jordan takes it with stride and explains Porsche is the sole reason she got evicted. Shelly wants to know what people are going to vote on, and Jordan notes Rachel should win because of her strong game play. Daniele disagrees, and argues Rachel was the biggest floater in the house. Jeff and Brendon come to Rachel’s defense, even though Brendon is the first to admit Rachel is as subtle as a rhinoceros in a china shop sometimes. Shelly says she is struggling with the idea of giving Rachel $500,0000 because of all the things she said, but Jordan reminds Shelly she herself said plenty of terrible things about many people in the house, including Rachel. Jeff thinks Porsche talked all of eight minutes her whole time in the house, while Kalia points out not talking kept the bull’s eye off Porsche’s back. Jordan again reminds everyone Porsche did little more than sun herself in a bikini and cook all summer. Daniele notes Porsche won a lot more competitions than Adam, but Jeff and Jordan say Adam showed his loyalty to them, which means a lot. Daniele notes Adam created a new player position in the house—the piggy backer! When Shelly suggests Kalia played Daniele’s game, Kalia is not happy. When Jeff piles on things get especially heated, with Kalia telling Jeff she is getting his “bully attack 101.” “You’re the one yelling,” Jeff snaps back. With that, Brendon declares the meeting is adjourned.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room to start the third and final part of the ultimate HoH of the season. Julie explains she will read the beginning of statements from the six jury members. Rachel and Porsche have to then guess between two possible ends of the jury members’ statements. After the six questions are read, Rachel emerges the winner with two correct guesses, and becomes the final HoH of the summer! Rachel freaks out as Porsche and Adam congratulate her. “This is so surreal,” she cries through tears.

After Porsche and Adam give their final pleas, Rachel gets up to evict the final HouseGuest of the season. Through tears Rachel evicts Adam, explaining she has been working with Porsche for the past few weeks. Outside with Julie, Adam says Rachel did the right thing by evicting him because he thinks if he had been in the final two he would have won.

Julie brings out the first six members of the jury before she introduces them to their seventh and final member, Adam. She explains before voting they will have one last chance to question the final two. Brendon asks his fiancé why she should be rewarded considering all the things she said this summer. Rachel argues she won six competitions and deserves to win for game play, but also apologizes if she hurt anyone with her comments. Porsche explains to Jordan she decided to play a social game and stresses she didn’t just hang around in a bikini for three months. Rachel tells Kalia she had a target on her back all summer, and had to completely change her game after Brendon left. Porsche tells Shelly she played the game since week one. In her final plea Rachel tells the jury she has been a target all summer, and explains one of her biggest moves of the game was exposing Daniele and her plan to back door Jeff. Porsche notes she competed as hard as she could and played a good social game.

Julie then introduces the remaining evicted HouseGuests, including Daniele’s dad Dick. When Julie asks Dick if it was a dumb move to back door Jeff, Dick says she should have waited before making an attack on her ally. Cassi says Shelly threw her for a loop and had her fooled, but admits Shelly played a great game. Shelly says she absolutely loves Cassi, and had to play both sides of the house to get forward in the game. Jeff says he and Shelly were able to settle their differences in the jury house, while Kalia stresses she played her own game.

It’s time to name a victor for the summer. Julie pulls the keys, and by a 4-3 vote, Rachel wins the $500,000 prize! As the HouseGuests congratulate one another, Julie announces the winner of the $25,000 fan favorite—Jeff! Thanks for tuning in for another summer of surprises, and don’t forget to tune in next summer for the 14th season of BIG BROTHER on CBS!