HoH Blog: GinaMarie

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 10:10am

Wow, Wow, Wow! Another HOH…I can't believe it!!!! Soooo happy – it's AMAZING!!!!

A lot has happened since my last HOH. Helen has left the house and so has my "BB Bunny," Aaryn. I miss you so much. I also celebrated a birthday in the house. Yeah!!! The Big 33. What a fabulous day it was and also very crazy. Judd the Stud came back into the house…and it was bananas, but cool at the same time because he's my boy. Oh, I forgot - - another bday shout out to baby Zingbot. Soo cute. Your Daddy gave us some pretty hard Zings !!! But all in good fun.:) Hahaha

This HOH week was a big step in the game and I had to pull out all the stops and make a Power Move. I put Amanda and McCrae up on the block which was a HUGE move, but someone had to do it!!! I'm so happy myself and the Exterminators got to do it!!! I love my boys Andy, Judd and Spencer…we're doing some Pest Control up in here and getting rid of some Big Nasty Rodents. I hate Bullying!!!! Also I have to add the boys looked pretty cool in their Chicken suits…HahaHaHaHa!!! It was awesome.

You know i always have to talk about my NICK…I miss him soooo much. I think about you everyday. I wish you were still here, but I know you're super proud of me. I'm doing it babe!!!! I can't wait to see you soon. I miss you so much. I want to say hi to all my peps in Staten Island and Jersey. I love my family and friends soo much. I'll see you soon and party it up for my bday, but go easy…this old lady is falling apart…hahahah. I hope all the BB fans are having a great summer and enjoy the season. We're having a blast…crying and laughing all at the same time :-).

Please be kind to everyone, smile and be happy and think positive, that what gets me through my day! Ohhh, and if you can dance a little too -- that would be awesome. I love you all so much. Ohhhh, I forgot -- NO Have Nots this week – wooohoooo. It's always a good week when GinaMarie is HOH :-)

BOOM !!!!!!!

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