Steve's Dad Reaches Out With A Hometown Recap And Healthy Sense Of Humor Read about how the HoH's family has been keeping busy and what Steve can look forward to this fall.
Posted on Sep 8, 2015 12:15pm

Each week, Big Brother HoHs receive heartfelt letters from home as they enter the luxurious suite. When Steve read the note from his father, he could feel the unconditional love and support from the man he's always looked up to.

Check out the letter in its entirety:

Hi Steve,

Your mom and I miss you a lot and are very anxious to see you again. It seems like it’s been such a long time. We are both doing well and thinking of you all the time.

The summer weather really sucks. It’s cloudy, rainy, and cold. However, the ice in the pool wasn’t big enough to deter me. Someone else, no names mentioned (Mom), didn’t even put a toe in the water/ice this year, of course.

I’ve started woodworking again and just finished a blanket chest for Harrison. I put Harrison’s initials on the top. I don’t mind saying it looks pretty good even with the usual Dad flaws. Kaelan has been posting pictures of Harrison and the older he gets the more he looks like Alan. There will be too many handsome men looking like me in this world.

We’ll be driving down to visit Alan, Kaelan, and Harrison in October or early November, so you’ll get to meet your nephew.

Aunt Debbie, aunt Eileen, and mom are going to California for six days to visit family, relax, and spend some time together. They might go into San Francisco or maybe take a day trip to Reno.

The summer musical went really well. Mom ended up playing clarinet, saxophone, and flute and I could really hear her. There was a large audience on all of the nights. Some of your friends had some big roles and did great.

This fall mom will be judging several band shows and is hoping you might ride along to some of them. Strangely, she actually has more visual than music assignments this season.

Everything is going well. I’m so proud of what a strong and capable young man you are. Enjoy your experience... it’s once in a lifetime. I love you very much, Steve. We will be seeing you soon.

Oh, and Grayson says hello. Mom said she’ll make sure both Grayson and Georgy Girl get baths right before you come home.


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