5 Moments That Prove Donny is a Competition Beast

The Comeback King's Wins Move over, Beast Mode Cowboy, there's a new sheriff in town. Donny has pulled out many great wins and saved himself when he needed it the most.

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7 Things Nicole Revealed in the Big Brother Live Chat

Get the Inside Scoop The original Fruit Loop (or is it Froot Loop?) Dingus Nicole spills all about her time on Big Brother.

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Frankie's Grande-Sized Reveal

What You Didn't See Frankie finally revealed his big secret about his famous pop star sister. You saw the emotional reveal last night, but there's more! Watch the clips below to get the full story.

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6 Surprises Jocasta Revealed During Her Live Chat

The Inside Scoop Get Jocasta's take on the game.

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