Candy Crush
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Big Brother And Survivor Alums Tackle A New Challenge On Candy Crush Go behind-the-scenes of the premiere episode with your favorite Survivor castaways and Big Brother alums.
Posted on Jul 10, 2017 04:15pm

Former Survivor castaways and Big Brother alums fought sweet tooth and nail in the premiere episode of Candy Crush.

In four teams of two, the eight fan-favorites faced both physical and mental challenges in an effort to win the tasty $100K prize.

STREAM: Candy Crush's Premiere Episode, "Hundred G's, Baby!"

Check out what BB alums Frankie Grande, Caleb Reynolds, Paul Abrahamian, and Da'Vonne Rogers, and previous Survivor castaways Kelley Wentworth, Joe Anglim, Woo Hwang, and Jeremy Collins had to say about the sugary struggles of the new record-setting game show in the video above.

With giant game screens and challenges that soar to new heights, Candy Crush is no cakewalk.

"You finally get one and the next thing you know, you turn around and everything is gone," shared Caleb, as his partner—and fellow Houseguest—Frankie nodded in agreement.

It's clear that teamwork is an essential part of the game.

"The way it was set up was so that we could see it and we could hear each other, [but] I just couldn't get there. It was difficult," said Paul, before teammate Da'Vonne added, "Me and Paul should have switched places."

Who will conquer Candy Crush's epic challenges and take home the mountain of cash next week?

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