Catching Up with the Cast of Criminal Minds

Social Roundup

Check out what the cast and crew have been up to this month on social media.

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Why Morgan and Garcia are the Best Friends on TV

The Original BFFs

Through 10 seasons of Criminal Minds, these two have been so much more than co-workers. They’ve seen each other through times good and bad, and have always had each other’s backs. Their BFF love radiates through the screen.

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7 CBS Sync Facts From The Latest Criminal Minds

"Amelia Porter"

Did Rebecca from the latest episode look familiar? Find out where you know her from here.

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6 Moments From "Amelia Porter"

Photo Gallery

When the BAU is called to Salt Lake City Utah to investigate a triple homicide, the search for a connection among the victims could lead them to a fugitive who could have ties to the UnSub.

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