14 Reasons Why J.J. is the Greatest Woman on TV

A Role Model For Ladies Everywhere

As the longest running female member of the B.A.U., we’ve seen Jennifer Jareau grow as an agent, a mom, and, most importantly, a friend. These 14 reasons highlight just how incredible and invaluable JJ is.

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Penelope Garcia's Best One-Liners

A Guide To Awesomeness

No member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit is as rambunctious or unique as Miss Penelope. Her personality and sass shine through whether it’s in person, by phone, or behind a computer screen.

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Thomas Gibson Directs Third Episode

S10 E5 "The Haunting"

TV Guide has the latest interview with Thomas Gibson before tonight's new episode of Criminal Minds.

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13 Reasons Why Dr. Reid is the Man of Your Dreams

13 Reasons and Counting...

Smart, funny, and cute, how is this man even single?!

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