13 Times the BAU Showed What it Means to be a Team

All For One, One For All

Over the past seasons, we have seen that the Behavioral Analysis Unit isn’t just a team, but a family. Not only do they protect each other at all costs when in the field, they are active, supportive friends.

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16 Things That Have A Different Meaning To Criminal Minds Fans

Let’s Deliver the Profile

When one of your friends asks you what you're doing Wednesday night, you already know.

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Catching Up with the Cast of Criminal Minds

Social Roundup

We wanted to let you know that we'll be back with new episodes in the new year starting Wednesday, January 14th, 2015! Until then check out what the cast and crew have been up to this month on social media.

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12 Times That Prove Morgan and Garcia are the Best Friends on TV

The Original BFFs

This friendship has made fan's hearts melt for ten seasons. Take a look back at their strongest moments.

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