Posted on Mar 2, 2017 03:30pm
9 Things You Didn't Know About Criminal Minds, "Alpha Male"
Learn more and discover insider secrets from the most recent episode of Criminal Minds.

The only thing scarier than seeing Spencer behind bars in the latest episode of Criminal Minds entitled "Alpha Male," was this week's awful UnSub, which forced the the team to race against the clock while more and more victims were being attacked with caustic acid rose.

We also watched as Dr. Reid acclimated himself to a very unsettling set of circumstances in prison. Just barely keeping his head above water, Spencer received a helping hand when he needed in the most, but can we really trust this new "Friend?"

Want to know even more about the episode? Check out these exclusive insider facts from Criminal Minds' Executive Producer Karen Maser:

1. Spencer's ride to jail was in a real DOC (Department of Corrections) prison bus. The Criminal Minds team rented it and put their own signage on it.

2. Many of the prison scenes were filmed at Sybil Brand Institute, a former L.A. County jail for women.

"It once housed Susan Atkins, whose confessions to a cellmate at the prison led to the arrest of infamous cult leader Charles Manson, and Susan McDougall of Whitewater scandal fame," Maser said.

3. The design department made a perfect replica of the Sybil Brand cell block for filming some of the episode's scenes.

4. Maser shared that, before filming "Alpha Male," they consulted with a USC psychologist, who specialized in working with federal prison inmates, to make Spencer's terrifying prison intake process as real as possible.

5. The episode's UnSub was inspired by a real spree-killing that recently took place in Isla Vista, California.

6. Once again, the incredible Criminal Minds makeup department was behind the realistic burn marks seen on the victims.

7. The phrase yelled by the UnSub during attacks, "Et disperdam illud," was chosen because it matched perfectly to the UnSub's profile. Found in the Bible, this verse translates to, "I will destroy it."

8. The "Manosphere" is a real corner of the internet dedicated to men's issues.

9. Did it seem odd to you that Calvin Shaw would suggest playing chess, the one game Spencer loves the most?

Maser teased that, "As a former FBI agent, Shaw is smart, educated, and still has connections to get information."

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