The Composers: Profiling 101
Posted on May 9, 2012 12:25pm

SS Agent Rossi and the BAU team present one of the longest-tenured serial killer cases to college students, and take the class through a nearly twenty-year chase for the murderer. Meanwhile, Rossi must confront someone from his past unknown to anyone but himself.

The goal of the music in this episode was to create a lulling environment in which the students take on the profiler's mindset. We created a headspace; a cerebral environment to allow the audience to take on the profiler's thought process. We started with a bass beat representative of a heartbeat, adding horn voices and trombone, generating a very tonal sound. As the BAU tell the story of a serial killer the music builds layers as the story unfolds. In the beginning, when the team speaks of the killer's childhood there is a two note chord heard. When they reach early adolescent the music reaches a triad and so forth, until the BAU tells the end of the killer's tale with the music breaking into a large orchestral piece.

For Agent Rossi, we created a theme that was desolate and lonely to reflect his current state of mind. Using solo trumpet, we hear this theme as Rossi moves in and out of daydreaming during the lecture, team meetings and when he is alone. When his internal conflict comes to fruition, we discover Rossi has been fighting a battle for years.