The Composers: Unknown Subject
Posted on Jan 30, 2012 02:49pm

This is the 150th episode we have scored! In this episode, the BAU team finds discord in Houston when a rapist known as "The Piano Man" returns to assault his previous victims. He is known as "The Piano Man" because he plays music when he is raping his victims. The audience doesn't get to know who the unsub is until much later, so we needed to maintain the suspense.

In one scene, a woman is coming home and realizes that she has been drugged. Being drugged reminds her that she was in the same condition when she was previously raped. For this scene we started with a dreamlike cue to mirror her almost hallucinogenic state. We then see the unsub at the door and the music stops abruptly. He then plays a song from the group Chicago that has heavy piano.

The song then morphs into our original composition which is thematic piano but not traditional piano sounds. We manipulated the piano, playing backwards and opening up the piano lid and playing it bowed; which means playing the strings.

We used some traditional piano elements throughout the episode. Meanwhile Prentiss comes to term with rejoining the team.

This is an interesting episode because it had several twists from Prentiss believing they have caught the suspect to a vigilante storyline. Musically, there are a lot of songs so the underscore needed to meld with the songs as needed.

This episode called for a lot of piano to convey numerous emotions. For example in scenes where victims are being questioned, we needed the music to convey that sadness and loss. We incorporated orchestral instruments in addition to piano such as violins, bass, violas and French horns.