All Episodes of Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI
Episode #1 The Birth of CSI: Part 1
There was a time when "CSI" existed only on paper! Discover the origins of the show, and the story involved in bringing it to life!
Episode #2 The Birth of CSI: Part 2
Interviews with Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Jonathan Littman on the early days and the creation of the pilot.
Episode #3 Casting for "Stealing Home"
You can't have a show without the stars on the screen! Casting Director Carol Kritzer shares thoughts on putting faces to the names in each script.
Episode #4 Special and Visual Effects for "Stealing Home"
Visual Effects Supervisor Rik Shorten and Special Effects Supervisor Mark Byers take us into the workshops that special "pow" to each and every episode of "CSI".
Episode #5 The Story for "Stealing Home"
It begins with the blank page, but it's what gets written down that makes it special! Go inside the process of creating a compelling story.
Episode #6 Pre-Production for "Stealing Home"
Now it's time for the army of professionals who work behind the camera to roll up their sleeves and begin planning just how they're going to pull this thing off!
Episode #7 Makeup and Special Effects Makeup for "Stealing Home"
Fans will get an in-depth look at Makeup Department Head Melanie Levitt and her crew working, as well as Special Effects Makeup Artist Matthew Mungle.
Episode #8 Production for "Stealing Home"
Quiet on the set! Carol Mendelsohn and Louis Milito are our guides to the stages and locations of "CSI", describing what it takes to get an episode filmed and in the can.
Episode #9 Post-Production for "Stealing Home"
Now the next phase begins, as all the raw elements of the episode are brought together to begin their assembly into an episode of "CSI".
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