Episode 420 - Monday, 25th December 2000
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Buzz finds a baby with a note, asking someone to take care of the baby. Buzz, remembering how he abandoned his kids thinks he understands why this child was sent to him. Buzz goes home and tells Jenna that he loves her and wants to help her raise the baby. Rick helps Michelle fool everyone into thinking she can see. Marah, Shayne, and Tammy are excited about the idea of a scavenger hunt, Reva, Josh, Cassie and Billy are a little more wary. The scavenger hunt leads them to Vanessa’s old house. There is a note from Vanessa and Matt giving Josh and Reva the house, they have decorated it with pictures that were lost in the fire and Christmas decorations. Billy gives Cassie his blessing for her and Hart. Josh gives Reva and Cassie their mother’s cameo that was recovered in the rubble. Hart tells Dinah he doesn’t love her anymore and breaks their engagement. Hart tells Cassie that he is through with Dinah and wants to be with Cassie. Phillip misses Harley. Beth kisses Phillip and tells him she regrets her decision to divorce him. He runs out. Harley is jealous that Phillip is with Beth and Lizzie. Harley dresses as Santa to entertain the kids. Phillip runs to her saying she is what he wants for Christmas. Alan gives Annie an engagement ring.