Episode 727 - Wednesday, 25th September 2002
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Alexandra makes her entrance at the Beacon and explains to Cassie that rented out the hotel so that she could have her own space. Michelle has arrived to pitch in, but is instantly uncomfortable when she sees Danny. To thank everyone for helping out, Cassie opens up Olivia’s bar for all of her friends and family. Michelle is reluctant to stay and have fun, but Marah convinces her that it is time to put their pasts with the Santos boys behind them and start enjoying life again. Michelle finally cuts loose and drags Ben out to the beach with her. He has a fleeting moment, where he thinks of Marina, but he follows Michelle anyway. Outside, Harley fills Alexandra in on her custody struggle with Phillip. At Infierno, Gus continues to try to get Olivia to open up about her relationships with Phillip and Alan. He puts the pieces together and realizes what happened between the three of them. Olivia is furious to discover that Cassie opened the Beacon without her. She rushes over and is shocked to see what has become of her bar. In the hospital, Alan’s doctor asks him how far he is willing to take his heart attack ruse. Beth visits Alan and he tries to impress upon her how important family should be to her and urges her to mend her relationship with Phillip. Gus confronts Phillip over his relationship with Olivia and threatens to expose him unless he returns Zach to Harley. Later, Alexandra goes to see Alan and he wants to know what she is after.