Season 6: Episode 5 - Deep Freeze
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When retired pro football player Doug McClain is found stabbed to death at his home, Alexx is unable to take the body back for an autopsy because McClain wished to be frozen at a cryonic lab. Alexx has no other choice but to follow the body to the cryonic lab and perform a virtual autopsy. Calleigh learns that McClain was on a recorded phone call right as he was killed, and they link the call back to a newspaper reporter who, ironically, was responsible for updating obituaries of famous people still alive. McClain's valuable sports memorabilia was also removed from the house and ultimately sold by his manager, Martin Wilson, in order to pay off McClain's mounting debt. With McClain dead, the value of all his memorabilia skyrocketed.

Further evidence at the house leads them to a Rita Sullivan, with whom McClain had an affair resulting in a son, who recently died from kidney failure. Rita snuck into the house and stabbed McClain after he turned his back on their dying son. The recorded phone call also reveals that someone, later revealed to be Wilson, arrived at the house right after McClain was stabbed and placed a phone call to McClain's wife, Elissa. Apparently, Elissa showed up at the house and thought she heard McClain whimper, so she pulled the knife out of his neck, which caused him to bleed to death. Elissa tells one of the doctors at the cryonic lab to hide the knife, which Horatio eventually finds stored in the same canister that's freezing our victim's body.