- Season 5 - Episode 12 - Help Episode:

Season 5: Episode 12 - Help

Help: The CSIs investigate a woman found with a fatal stab wound after taking part in the Running of the Gowns, an annual sale where packs of young women wait in line for days to buy that “perfect dress”. The victim appears to have gotten into a fight with another woman and in the struggle a crystal from the dress sliced a major artery. Meanwhile, the CSIs are called to a second crime scene where a talented subway musician is found raped and murdered. It appears a competing performer is the killer until an odd bruise pattern on the victim connects to a wanted serial rapist.  And in a strange twist the two investigations intersect when the team learns the bridal store accident vic was attacked by the serial rapist eight years ago. In order to catch the killer, the team must find the link between the two victims. Also, Hawkes reconnects with his ex-girlfriend who was attacked by the rapist years ago.