Season 6: Episode 13 - Flag On The Play

Flag On The Play: When the beautiful star quarterback of the Lingerie Football League is found murdered in the hot tub of the team locker room, Mac and the team are called in to find out why someone would want her dead. A syringe found at the crime scene was analyzed and found to have traces of lidocane, a local anesthetic used in dental procedures and HCH, human growth hormone which aims suspicion on the trainer, who has a history supplying illegal steroids, but a conversation with the victims ex-fiancee leads them to the worlds of Pumping Parties; parties where a fly-by-night doctor preforms cosmetic surgery. A second team mate had died six months prior and now the team finds the link between the two - the doctor that performed the cosmetic produces. The doctor turns out not to be a doctor at all but a janitor at the cosmetic facility that was posing as a doctor and performing the cosmetic injections that lead to both woman's death.