- Season 8 - Episode 10 - Clean Sweep Episode:

Season 8: Episode 10 - Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep: ­When an MMA fighter’s body is found burned beyond recognition, the CSIs believe a stalker from his past finally caught up with him. Complicating matters is a distraught man who turns himself in covered in blood and gasoline and claiming not to remember the last 12 hours. While the team considers whether the evidence is linked or if they have two separate crimes on their hands, forensics reveals a surprising revelation â€" the body is not actually the fighter’s. The CSIs are forced to reassess the situation and realize their new victim means a new suspect â€" the fighter, who faked his own death to escape his stalker. Meanwhile, a flirty freelance journalist propositions Mac for a story she’s covering on police misconduct, but finds Mac less than willing to cooperate to her dissatisfaction.