Why Does Sherlock Hang His Hat In NYC?

The team discovers that a woman's murder is more than it seems and Watson is put under fire by an NYPD detective on "All My Exes Live in Essex."

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First Look: Sherlock Has An Offer For His Father

Sherlock finds himself distracted by his father's ongoing presence in New York City and investigates the double murder of two men who looked alike on "Tag, You're Me."

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Happy Birthday Jonny Lee Miller!

In celebration of his November 15 birthday, here are seven things you didn't know about Jonny Lee Miller.

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First Look: There's Always A Catch

When Morland offers to use his influence to have Sherlock and Joan reinstated as consultants to the NYPD, Sherlock's mistrust of his father makes him question his motivation to help. Also, with no work offers coming in, Watson wrangles a gig with the FBI investigating a triple homicide in a top-secret research lab on "Evidence of Things Not Seen."

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