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First Look: Sherlock Takes On A Biker Gang

Captain Gregson's colleague from Narcotics asks Holmes to orchestrate the perfect heist inside the heavily armed and virtually impenetrable compound of a drug-dealing biker gang on "A View With A Room."

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15 Times Your Favorite CBS Stars Got Ultra-Competitive

A little competition is healthy, but only these famous characters could take it this far.

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First Look: A Lively Day In The Morgue

Holmes and Watson must search for a killer without any physical evidence to aid them after a bomb is detonated in the New York City morgue on "Down Where the Dead Delight."

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Life On Set Is A Blast With Jonny Lee Miller

When the cameras are rolling, Jonny Lee Miller brings just the right gravitas to his Sherlock character. But when the cameras aren't rolling, it's time for him to have a little fun on set!

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