Season 9: Episode 5 - Sleepless in Miami

Sleepless in Miami: ­Jason Reger finds himself in and out of consciousness, going between his bathroom and out in the everglades dismembering a male victim and burying his body parts. Horatio, Natalia and Ryan find Jason in the everglades, as unbeknownst to Jason, he called 911 to report a murder. Body is identified as Brandon Garrett, soon to be ex husband of Stacy Garrett, co owners of Black Opal spa. Upon investigating Jason’s home, the team finds a little fortune teller’s fish in his bathtub amidst the bloody evidence, with the name Elena Manus printed on it; a psychic’s business card. Horatio suspects that Stacy may have hired a hit on Brandon. Natalia goes undercover to meet with psychic Elena to see if she was somehow involved with the hit. During their session, Elana lights a candle to realign her aura and turns on ethereal music and begins chanting. Ryan and Horatio, listening in from a van nearby, realize the chanting and music is on a loop and something has happened to Natalia. Tracking her by GPS, they find her hallucinating in an abandoned warehouse (which is the lab in Natalie’s eyes), and firing her service weapon, which they successfully take away from her. Turns out, the smoke from the candle contained a drug that causes hallucinations. This is the same candle that was lit to put Jason under hallucination. We learn that Stacy wanted Brandon dead for financial gain and hired Elena to alter his energy so he would die. Elena (being a fraud) panicked during her session with Brandon when he suddenly dropped dead, thinking she actually killed him by sucking the life out of him. In actuality he was poisoned by Peter, Stacy’s lover and therapist at the spa, with a neurotoxin derived from a cone snail (housed in a fancy aquarium at the salon). Elena drugged Jason and instructed him to dispose of Brandon’s body. Peter dies in a police car chase trying to get away, Elena is charged with the murder, and Stacy walks away. Horatio replaces Natalia’s gun clip eliminating any evidence of her firing at Horatio and Ryan while under hallucination.