5 Elementary Episodes You Need To Watch Essential episodes from Season 4 to get you ready for the Season 5 premiere.
Posted on Sep 19, 2016 08:00am

During Elementary's Season 4, we learned a lot about Sherlock's troubled history with his father. Morland Holmes' surprising arrival in NYC opened old wounds and brought new dangers for Sherlock and Watson. While simultaneously investigating cases, the crime-solving pair were faced with Morland's shocking revelations and disturbing secrets.

Before the series returns on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10/9c, be sure to watch these episodes from last season on demand with CBS All Access.

"The Past is Parent" (Episode 1, Season 4)

After Sherlock is fired from the police department following his assault on Oscar Rankin, he continues working with his partner, Joan, to focus on a case of a missing women. Also, Morland Holmes makes a long-awaited—albeit unwelcome—appearance in Sherlock's life.

Watch "The Past is Parent" on demand with CBS All Access.

"The Cost of Doing Business" (Episode 6, Season 4)

Morland uses a contact from Interpol to "help" solve one of Sherlock’s cases. When that contact, Lukas, threatens to tell Sherlock that his father is doing more harm to his son than good and demands five million Euros for his silence, we find out just how powerful Morland Holmes can be.

Watch "The Cost of Doing Business" on demand with CBS All Access.

"Alma Matters" (Episode 10, Season 4)

Because Sherlock doesn't believe his father’s assassin has truly been dealt with, he continues to press Morland on the dangers surrounding him, going so far as to confront Lukas. Through his investigation, Sherlock discovers that Lukas' predecessor was the one behind the threats on his father's life.

Watch "Alma Matters" on demand with CBS All Access.

"Turn It Upside Down" (Episode 22, Season 4)

Sherlock and Watson's investigation in a murder turns their attention to an online survey being used to suss out sociopaths to hire as hit men. The pair then follow a trail that leads them to a disturbing revelation—that Moriarty is involved.

Watch "Turn It Upside Down" on demand with CBS All Access.

"A Difference in Kind" (Episode 24, Season 4)

With his life on the line, Morland makes a big move and an even bigger promise to his son.

Watch "A Difference in Kind" on demand with CBS All Access.

Watch the Season 5 premiere of Elementary on Sunday, October 2 at 10/9c on CBS or stream it live with CBS All Access.

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