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Best Music Video
Additional Credits:
Daniel Askill & Sia, video directors; Jennifer Heath, video producer [RCA Records / Monkey Puzzle Records]
Additional Credits:
We Are From LA, video director; Kathleen Heffernan, Roman Pichon Herrera, Jett Steiger & Cedric Troadec, video producers [Columbia Records]
The Golden Age
Additional Credits:
Woodkid Featuring Max Richter Chis Clayton & Yoann Lemoine, video directors; Roman Pichon Herrera, Christine Miller, Susan Porche & Annabel Rosier, video producers [Interscope]
Turn Down For What
Additional Credits:
Daniels, video directors; Judy Craig, Candice Ouaknine, Jonathan Wang & Bryan Younce, video producers [Columbia Records]
We Exist
Additional Credits:
David Wilson, video director; Jason Baum, video producer [Capitol Records]