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Scene of the Crime
Chin Ho's High School Reunion
Skydiving Lesson
Motocross Race
Helicopter Tour
Yoga Retreat
The Victim
Ancient Hawaiian Healer
Pro Golfer
Celebrity Matchmaker
Cabana Boy
Sumo Wrestler
Macadamia Nut Tycoon
The Murder Weapon
Five Inch Stiletto
Flame Thrower
Poisoned Jacuzzi
Snow Shovel
Poisonous Toad
Tiki Torch
Spear Gun
The Evidence
Body Drained of Blood
Jelly Fish
Kitty Litter
Toy Rocket
A Missing Eyeball
Sumarian Tiger
A Bag of Teeth
The Suspect
Hula Dancer
Spring Breaker
Synchronized Swimmer
Aging Rockstar
Personal Chef
Race Car Driver
Struggling Illusionist
The Takedown
Sniper Hunter Robot
Scuba Diving
ATV Chase
Giant Maze
Base Jumping