- Season 1 - Episode 1 - Pilot Episode:

Season 1: Episode 1 - Pilot

Pilot: Ellen Sanders is successful surgeon and matriarch of what appears to be a very happy Washington DC family. She was just hand-picked to perform a very delicate, but very publicized surgical procedure on the President of the United States, and her life appears to be close to perfect. That perfection is shattered, however, when a group of armed intruders invade the Sanders' home and hold them hostage. The leader of the captors, Duncan Carlisle, informs Ellen that he will kill her entire family if she does not cooperate with his requests. Duncan orders Ellen to kill the President during the operation the following day, something she simply cannot see herself doing. Just before the surgery, with her family staring down the barrels of the captors' guns at home, Ellen makes a calculated risk and slips the President some blood thinner, which allows her to postpone the surgery for two weeks. While being held hostage, the captors stumble upon many of the Sanders' most closely guarded family secrets. Brian, despite appearing to be a loving, devoted husband, has actually been having a secret affair and considered leaving Ellen. The Sanders children, meanwhile, have big problems of their own. Morgan, the oldest, just found out she is pregnant, and Jake, her younger brother, is in deep debt to a local drug dealer. The Sanders clan struggles to keep these secrets hidden from each other, but their precarious situation is making it harder to maintain the lies... Unbeknownst to the Sanders family, Duncan is actually an FBI agent and accomplished hostage negotiator with a family of his own. His wife, Nina, is currently in a coma in a local hospital, and his daughter, Sawyer, is staying with Burton, Duncan's father-in-law, while he holds the Sanders captive. While Duncan may be the leader of the group holding the Sanders family hostage, it’s clear that his orders come from someone higher up, and that the conspiracy to assassinate the president is much bigger than anyone could imagine.