- Season 1 - Episode 4 - 2:45 PM Episode:

Season 1: Episode 4 - 2:45 PM

2:45 PM: Ellen and Brian put their secret escape plan into action. Brian tells Ellen that he'll distract Duncan and his team long enough to give Ellen and the kids time to sneak aboard a bus to Canada. Ellen manages to sneak a scalpel out of her first aid kit and gives it to Jake and Morgan, ordering them to cut the GPS chips out of each other before meeting her at a rendezvous point. The kids overcome obstacles of their own to comply with her orders and covertly ditch the GPS chips, just in time to quietly escape the school grounds during a fake bomb threat called in by one of Jake's friends. Despite increased scrutiny from Archer, Ellen manages to slip away from him and meet her kids at the bus station when Brian commandeers her car and leads their captors on a wild goose chase. Unfortunately, Duncan catches up to Brian and runs him off the road. Duncan calls Ellen and shoots Brian during their conversation, forcing her to make the impossible choice between escaping with her kids and leaving her husband to die... Duncan goes to see his wife, Nina, at the hospital and is surprised to see her up and about. Nina tells him that she's sick of the chemotherapy and that she wants to stop treatment, preferring to spend her remaining time traveling with her husband and daughter. Duncan, caught in a bind, encourages her not to give up on treatment and tells her that he may have found someone who does experimental procedures that can help her. She just needs to be patient. Duncan is pulled away before she can give him an answer as he learns of Ellen's plans to escape.