Season 1: Episode 8 - The Good Reason

The Good Reason: Ellen returns home just as Brian stabs Duncan with the poisonous syringe, and she is forced to perform emergency chest surgery on her captor to save his life. Brian protests through the ordeal, but Ellen tells him that they all will be killed if she lets Duncan die. Later, she tells her husband that she still isn’t ready to give up on their fight for freedom, and that she plans on tracking down Duncan’s wife, Nina, at a local hospital. Ellen gives Archer the slip by pretending to accompany a heart transplant patient to a hospital in Baltimore, then tracks Nina down at Beth Zion Hospital and learns that she has leukemia. Duncan learns that Ellen found Nina and races to the hospital, only to find Ellen threatening to inject Nina with a lethal dose of morphine if he doesn’t tell her the complete truth. Boyd sneaks into the Sanders’ home in an attempt to ‘save’ Morgan from what he believes to be an abusive father. Morgan tries to talk him down, but Boyd pulls a gun on Duncan, resulting in a tense standoff. Sandrine comes to diffuse the standoff, but she and Boyd shoot one another. Sandrine’s Kevlar vest saves her life, but Boyd is killed almost instantly. Kramer is brought in for questioning in connection with the death of Alex Romero, the limo driver he inadvertently killed while helping Sandrine. Burton arrives as his legal counsel and gets him out of questioning, then helps him formulate a plan to throw the detectives off his trail. Kramer brings Brian and Jake to see Burton, who informs them that they’ll need to lie to the police to keep Kramer out of harm’s way. Brian resists again, but Burton reminds him that the fates of their families are currently intertwined, forcing Jake to be complicit in covering up Kramer’s roll in Romero’s murder. Meanwhile, Creasy meets with Vanessa Moore and Colonel Tom Blair after the President informs them that he wants to expose the details of "Operation Total Information,” a government surveillance program that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on US citizens. Creasy is surprised to learn that both Vanessa and Colonel Blair are involved with the assassination conspiracy.