Season 8: Episode 2 - The Pre-Nup

The Pre-Nup: Barney designs an extensive pre-nup at the recommendation of his co-worker Arthur. Quinn is outraged to find it is not just terms for divorce, but he has laid out rules for her behavior during the marriage. Ted, Marshall and Robin’s boyfriend Nick side with Barney and each propose their own relationship amendments to Victoria, Lily and Robin, who all react in indignation. Quinn presents her own comprehensive pre-nup to Barney, with the girls on her side and the guys defending him. Everyone argues for their own preferred clause until Arthur intermediates to demand that they all admit their real issues behind the clauses. Everyone manages to resolve their conflicts with the exception of Barney and Quinn, who realize that their mutual lack of trust means they shouldn’t get married. The episode ends with future Barney refusing Arthur’s suggestion to have a pre-nup in his upcoming marriage to Robin.